Where It Starts

Before we divulge into the life and times of my semi-charmed-kinda life, I’d like to personally thank Steve Jobs. I’m actually posting this blog from my iPhone… 

Where in the world would we be without technology. Growing up, Bill Gates had it, then came along Apple with the iPhone, stocks soared, iPad hit next.. Rest is history. Thanks to these do-everything gadgets life and times are a changing. Or have changed already. 

My daughter, who is a whopping 18mo old, would rather be entertained trying to unlock my phone then looking at flashcards. Well thats semi true, Karis’ attention span is about 5mins then it’s on the the next one.

Jayden, my 10.5 year old stepson, on the other hand can tell me everything about GTA V (Five for those not into video games), Slitherio (spelling?), and any other trending topic on YouTube. All of this thanks to the likes of Jelly(spelling?) and his sidekicks. 

Without the likes of Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, I would have to entertain these ankle bitters. 

On that note, Karis wants me phone…