Sales & Finance Advice From Lil’ Dickey..

Unless you haven’t been paying attention to social media, the radio or TV for the last month, you’ve more then likely heard “Save dat money” by this dude who goes by Lil Dicky. What a horrible rap name… But hey, it got my attention. (Video at the bottom)

Lil Dickey is one of a kind. Not only can he rap, he’s aces at working his ass off to make it happen. If you watch the $ave dat money video, you’ll see him knocking doors, working deals, and negotiating with people to let him use their stuff in his video. While we only see a few of the people he hits up to be in the video, we can rest assured that he made a shitload of calls and pulled a lot of favors to be able to make the video happen for ZERO dollars. That’s HUSTLE without fear of rejection.

There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from Lil Dickey..

I first heard of Lil Dickey on Sirius XM. Dickey’s been popular on YouTube for a while now. I don’t spend much time on YT so I had no idea. I should of just asked Jayden.. When I first heard $ave dat money on Sirius my head immediately began to bob. It’s got a catchy beat and he has Fetty Wap (yet another horrible name) and Rich Homie Quan (who I’m sure isn’t exactly “rich”).

Practically everything about Lil Dickey is the opposite of the norm. If you’re gonna be different than everyone, you better be good. Dickey billed himself as a “professional rapper” and has the lyrical credentials to back up that claim.

There’s so many lessons to be learned from watching this dude it’s unreal. He’s an advertising and marketing genius.  The dude has it all figured out. His recent breakout into mainstream was most likely calculated too. He probably saved all of his YouTube money up (which according to Jayden can add up quickly) until he had enough to hire Quan and Fetty to join him.

When you watch the $ave dat money video, you see all sorts of big time stars and celebrities in it and you know Dave didn’t pay them. Everyone needs to learn this lesson and implement it, the lesson of practicing what you preach. The dude does and lives what he raps about. Most rappers rap about their real world experiences. So does Dave, it’s just that his experiences are different than most rappers. People love that he owns who he is.

In the video, it also showcases the legwork Dave put into making the video. It shows him door knocking, cold calling and cutting deals. He shows what it takes to save money. You can see that money can accelerate things and replace hard-work, but if you have no money, hard-work always works.

Another lesson from this guy, that I think is the biggest, is that he calls himself “the professional rapper”. What a great title. He’s not really challenging anyone or saying he’s the best. Most people in the industry are unprofessional and by giving himself this title, he’s separated himself from the rest. Without pissing them off! It’s brilliant. He has the confidence and experience to call himself a professional.

In my world, the world of Realtors, everyone wears suits or gets dressed up daily. I’m none of that. Yes, I occasionally wear a suit, but like twice a year. I have tattoos and I cuss. I showed who I really am and said “deal with it” to the world. A lot of people accepted me. Some didn’t, and that’s ok, not like I’m calling them asking how the family is..

The Battle For TV.. With a Mini..

I can’t be the only one. I keep telling myself that. There has to be others…

There just has to be other parents battling their inner demon to switch the TV channel. Just to see what’s on Ellen, or the playoff score, maybe a little reality tv. Anything but Disney.. Anything..

All the while knowing the second Mickey Mouse or Sofia the First is no long piping through the speakers, the fussing starts.. Is it worth it? Do you gamble? You can turn a good afternoon upside down in 2.8seconds with the flick of the remote.. Endless tears will ring out, even after you switch it back split seconds later..

I take that gamble 2 out of 10 times. Sure, I have a DVR, picture in picture (but who really uses that??), a smart phone with the DirecTV app.. The works.. I’ve danced with that devil one to many times and lost.. Instead I turn to Facebook for postings of the score, or Ellen’s lasted post on who her guest was..

I keep telling myself, just make it to 8pm and it’s yours.. 12more hours and you can watch tv… Only to never watch it when its my time..

Here’s to the parents who switch the channel and don’t look back. To the parents who DONT know the words to “O-TooDles” on Mickey Mouse Club House…


I Caved… What’s New

When I was 10 years old, I wanted a dirt bike. I had ambitions of being the next McGrath, tail whipping my way into X-Games history. Sure I played Nintendo or Super Nintendo, but that wasn’t my main focal point with my free time.  When the realization hit that I lived in suburbia the dirt bike fantasy faded… I picked up a basketball and honed my skills.  Sun up to sun down, street lights on and neighbors fussing, I could be found in the driveway shooting hoops and learning to dunk (thanks to those fancy adjustable back boards).

My step-son Jayden however is growing up in a different world.  Sure, he plays baseball on the county little league fields, how ever there is no want to practice or play outside of that.  Kids today would rather pick up sticks on the Xbox or PS4 and play NBA 2K or FIFA.  Sometimes, ok the majority of times this bothers me, but at the same time I contribute to the desires of a 10yo.  I want to give the kids everything they want.

Jayden has knocked his scholastics out of the park this year. Honor Roll every grading period and just about straight A’s more then half the time!  And for that, he wanted either a TV in his room or a laptop.  The kid could care less about laptop brands as long as it gets him to YouTube. But we’re MAC users all the way. So I did what any savvy parent would do, I hopped on CraigsList and found a mint condition rebuilt MacBook Pro that is 3 years old.  We smacked a giant bow on it and had it waiting on the table for his arrival.


The excitement was overwhelming for Jayden to say the least.  He didn’t expect until school was out.  He ran to his room screaming for joy, ran back out giving out hugs like he has never given.  And then we lost him to the interweebs….