I Caved… What’s New

When I was 10 years old, I wanted a dirt bike. I had ambitions of being the next McGrath, tail whipping my way into X-Games history. Sure I played Nintendo or Super Nintendo, but that wasn’t my main focal point with my free time.  When the realization hit that I lived in suburbia the dirt bike fantasy faded… I picked up a basketball and honed my skills.  Sun up to sun down, street lights on and neighbors fussing, I could be found in the driveway shooting hoops and learning to dunk (thanks to those fancy adjustable back boards).

My step-son Jayden however is growing up in a different world.  Sure, he plays baseball on the county little league fields, how ever there is no want to practice or play outside of that.  Kids today would rather pick up sticks on the Xbox or PS4 and play NBA 2K or FIFA.  Sometimes, ok the majority of times this bothers me, but at the same time I contribute to the desires of a 10yo.  I want to give the kids everything they want.

Jayden has knocked his scholastics out of the park this year. Honor Roll every grading period and just about straight A’s more then half the time!  And for that, he wanted either a TV in his room or a laptop.  The kid could care less about laptop brands as long as it gets him to YouTube. But we’re MAC users all the way. So I did what any savvy parent would do, I hopped on CraigsList and found a mint condition rebuilt MacBook Pro that is 3 years old.  We smacked a giant bow on it and had it waiting on the table for his arrival.


The excitement was overwhelming for Jayden to say the least.  He didn’t expect until school was out.  He ran to his room screaming for joy, ran back out giving out hugs like he has never given.  And then we lost him to the interweebs….


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