The Battle For TV.. With a Mini..

I can’t be the only one. I keep telling myself that. There has to be others…

There just has to be other parents battling their inner demon to switch the TV channel. Just to see what’s on Ellen, or the playoff score, maybe a little reality tv. Anything but Disney.. Anything..

All the while knowing the second Mickey Mouse or Sofia the First is no long piping through the speakers, the fussing starts.. Is it worth it? Do you gamble? You can turn a good afternoon upside down in 2.8seconds with the flick of the remote.. Endless tears will ring out, even after you switch it back split seconds later..

I take that gamble 2 out of 10 times. Sure, I have a DVR, picture in picture (but who really uses that??), a smart phone with the DirecTV app.. The works.. I’ve danced with that devil one to many times and lost.. Instead I turn to Facebook for postings of the score, or Ellen’s lasted post on who her guest was..

I keep telling myself, just make it to 8pm and it’s yours.. 12more hours and you can watch tv… Only to never watch it when its my time..

Here’s to the parents who switch the channel and don’t look back. To the parents who DONT know the words to “O-TooDles” on Mickey Mouse Club House…


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