My life…

I’m a Full time super hero! …   Not really, but I play one on the weekends. I’m actually  a TOP Real Estate Agent. My kids think I make magic happen.

Really, deep down they’re teaching me life day by day.  I have a 10.5 year old step-son who I love with all my heart even though we butt heads like 50-11 times a day.

The lord has blessed me with an 18-month-old – who just happens to be my world.. Yes, really, my whole world. I would stop a moving train for Karis.

Karis, the Greek word for Grace, God’s Grace, is coincidently my smoking-hot-make-you-do-a-double-take wife’s name (Grace).  We came together like earth, wind, and fire.  Nothing made sense but yet everything made sense all at once.

And this is the story of my upside down, crazy but lovable, wouldn’t trade it for the world, life.